St Martin’s and St Stephen’s churches aim to practice the principles of Christian Stewardship, defined as the grateful and responsible use of God’s gifts.  As stewards, we commit ourselves to conscious and purposeful decisions through careful thought and prayer.


This is lived out by sharing the material resources we have and using them in God’s service through the work of the church and in our individual lives.  Although this involves the whole of our lives, we aim to focus our stewardship in three key areas; Time, Talents and Money.


Time.  We all have 24 hours a day at our disposal so we need to decide our priorities as to how we use them.  How can we best use our time in ways that help to fulfil God’s purposes for us?


Talents.  Everyone has some talents or skills that can be put to use, however complex or simple they may be. They may be professional qualities or simpler but equally useful abilities of befriending, helping, organising or serving.  What talents do you have which could be used to further God’s work here and maximise your own potential?


Money. Regular committed giving of a worthwhile proportion of our disposable financial resources is valuable in helping the church further its work and rewards the giver by valuing their contribution.  Our churches could not function effectively if they do not have enough money to carry out their work.  The amount each individual gives is a personal decision but more important is that it should be a worthwhile proportion of their assets, and a thoughtful, prayerful decision.  How much could you contribute in this way?  Using tax efficient methods such as Gift Aid is part of a good stewardship approach.


Further information can be obtained from the Churchwardens or our Stewardship Recorder.


If you wish to read our policies on Legacy and Reserves then please click here.

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace"

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