"For me it’s been so inviting and everyone has been so welcoming that I have always wanted to go every week.

It’s a lovely space for the children and not so busy so the children can do activities when they like. There is a great range too.

I really look forward to having a cup of coffee after rushing around in the mornings as I don’t get time. "

Contact Details

Anna Keith


Children and Families Leader

St Martin of Tours, Epsom




T: 01372 722 567



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"This toddler group has been such a find. I have two girls age 5 and 2 and have visited a whole variety of playgroups, messy play and all kinds.

This is the group I never miss. From the very first visit I was made to feel so welcome and part of the community. The helpers organising the group and all the members make sure to talk to everyone and take a genuine interest in your family ups and downs.

It’s a very relaxed group with familiar activities for the children every week. The hall has lots of space so active toddlers can move about and enjoy the big slide whilst babies have a quiet space to explore.

There’s a warm cuppa and a warm welcome for everyone. I highly recommend it."

"I have been going to Toddlers for over two years now, firstly as a new mother when I was just grateful for a hot cup of tea and chat, and then as a brilliant space for my toddler to run around and explore, then as a fantastic support once baby two came along. Both my boys love the range of toys and activities but the real selling point of this group for me is the wonderful group of friendly mummies. There is a regular core of people so you can build friendships week to week but also very welcoming and open to newcomers. The most relaxed and enjoyable toddler group I’ve been to."

"We have been going to St Martin's playgroup since both of my children were small and we all love it. My 2 year old enjoys playing with all the toy trains and cars, and my baby loves the singing at the end. It is such a fantastic space and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. We all look forward to Thursday mornings every week!"

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