St Stephen's Newsletter, June 2018

By Editor, Jul 1 2018 06:13PM


Sunday 24 June, 1 July, 15 July: 9.30am Service with Holy Communion

Sunday 8 July, 22 July: 9.30am Service with Morning Prayer

To begin with – last month’s Street Party. While I know that this was not a St. Stephen’s enterprise, my goodness there was an awful lot of friendly ‘overlap’. Pauline, Frances and their families and friends were once more key members of the whole enterprise.

The vocals for the music came from Bob, ably abetted by Guy and later the children took a turn, Frances’ second granddaughter has a lovely voice. I understand Bob is a member of the Epsom Bowling Club, along with Frances and Pauline, and that he also provides the music at our Christmas Tea Party. Guy of course is the son of David and his late wife, Mary.

Frances’ eldest granddaughter, Phoebe is a brilliant little baker, still at primary school, and presented and manned a delightful stall stocked with the most gorgeous goodies – all her own work. Unaided, Phoebe raised over £100 for her chosen cancer charity. Her cheese straws are absolutely delicious!

It was a very well organised event and everyone seemed to have a good time, including Christopher and Brian and many of our other friends from St. Anthony’s. So, well done and thank you.

Thank you too to all our visiting ministers in recent weeks, we have had some lovely and unusual services, sort of par for the course at St. Stephen’s, and all of them satisfying on many different levels.

There was the Pentecostal Service with Howard, followed by the opulent chocolate gateau and alcoholic and non- alcoholic fizz, when we all sang Happy Birthday to the church, Andris’ service with all the lovely old reminiscent hymns and last Sunday’s service when Mary was unavoidably detained en-route so that we were without music. John just took it all in his stride and we chose some beautiful well known hymns to sing unaccompanied. Mind you, Janet led us in the singing or we should have floundered a bit!

The intercessionary prayers have also given immense satisfaction. We are very fortunate that within such a small family there are those willing and able to give this service. In all honesty they seem to have grown into this role and gone from strength to strength. So many heartfelt thanks to Judith, Pat, Janet and Linda.

And thank you, Olive and Marlene for those beautiful flowers in memory of Jane. Everyone was so pleased to learn that Olive and her sister were able to view the arrangement.

So it just remains to say that, while we are very grateful to the clergy team for catering so well for our needs, we still miss you Adrian and send both you and Jean, Olive, Margaret and all our absent friends our love and good wishes for better health and sunnier days.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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