Choral Services

"O come, let us sing unto the Lord"

Psalm 95:1

Parish Communion

This service uses material from Common Worship, produced by the Church of England in 2000 using contemporary language; the bible readings are also in a contemporary translation. The choir makes a considerable contribution to the service. As well as leading the hymns and the congregational Gloria, the choir sings a responsorial psalm, a wide variety of settings of the Sanctus and Agnus Dei and an anthem which complements the readings of the day.


This is our main Sunday worship and there is a strong emphasis on high quality preaching and fine music. It normally lasts around 1 hour 15 minutes. We offer refreshments in the west end of the church after the worship and this gives a ready opportunity to welcome visitors.


Choral Matins and Choral Evensong

At St Martin's we value our long-standing choral tradition. This is shown to best effect when we hold Choral Matins and Choral Evensong. The structure of the services and the words used are the traditional ones which have been in use in the Church of England since the Reformation. The Word of God is read and preached on these occasions and the Choir lead the singing throughout, encouraging the congregation to participate as well as offering additional time for prayer and reflection. All are very welcome and the service lasts around an hour.

Choral Services

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Choral Eucharist - 10am (except 1st Sunday)


Choral Matins - 10am (1st Sunday)


Choral Evensong - 6.30pm (3rd Sunday)